Projects: On-site Mitigation and Ecological Clerk of Works

On-site Mitigation and ECoW

Udall-Martin Associates have provided on-site ecological clerk of works (ECoW) and mitigation to a number of ecological companies and local authorities over the last 10 years. Read about some of our projects below.

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Great Crested Newt Mitigation Project on the Isle of Anglesey

Early in 2016 Udall-Martin Associates carried out a great crested newt mitigation project on the Isle of Anglesey for a proposed new primary school. It was no ordinary site as ... Read More »

White-clawed Crayfish Mitigation in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

Susie Udall (at a previous employment) produced a detailed white-clawed crayfish Mitigation Method Statement for major works at Markeaton Brook, Derbyshire.  She also provided ... Read More »

Protected Species Translocation for a Major New Road Scheme in Crewe, Staffordshire

Part of a team of ecologists working on a protected species translocation project for a major new road scheme in Crewe. Newt fencing had been erected across the large site. ... Read More »

Water Vole Mitigation for a Power Cable near Grayingham, Lincolnshire

Udall-Martin Associates provided on-site mitigation works for water vole at a ditch where a power cable was to be laid. This involved a destructive search of numerous water ... Read More »

Protected Species Mitigation at Dallimore Primary School, Derbyshire

Udall-Martin Associates completed an ecological assessment comprising an Extended Phase-1 habitat survey and desk study. We identified potential habitat for great crested newt ... Read More »

Ecological Clerk of Works for Protected Species on a Development Site in Dagenham, London

Udall-Martin Associates provided Ecological Clerk of Works on a large proposed development site in London. We provided an ecologist on site for a three week period overseeing ... Read More »