• Protected-Species-Surveys

    Protected Species Surveys

    We have the skills and experience to carry out protected species surveys, including bats, great crested newts and reptiles, following standard methodologies.

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  • ecological-assessments

    Ecological Assessments

    We produce ecological assessment / appraisal reports for proposed development sites suitable for planning applications.

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  • habitat surveys

    Phase-1 Habitat Surveys

    These surveys underpin any ecological assessment / appraisal of a site and provide an early warning of the potential ecological issues that need to be considered.

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    We carry out site surveys and produce ecology reports necessary to inform the ‘Land Use and Ecology’ sections for BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes assessments.

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  • Mitigation

    Mitigation Work

    We offer the complete mitigation package including vegetation clearance, animal fencing, pitfall traps, animal translocation and on-going habitat maintenance and management.

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Welcome to Udall-Martin Associates

Udall-Martin Associates is a family run ecological consultancy with two decades of experience within the ecology sector. We provide ecological services to private individuals through to large nationwide companies. Providing a professional and quality service at competitive prices to our clients is at the heart of our business. We provide the complete ecological package, from ecology surveys and reports to accompany planning applications through to licensing and on-site mitigation works.

Udall-Martin Associates specialises in ecological assessment, protected species surveys and mitigation work, with a varied portfolio including work for private clients, education, housing, leisure, mineral workings, pipelines, power stations and transport. We work throughout the UK and extensively in the East Midlands, West Midlands, Wales and the South West.

Latest Blog Post:

Protected Species Survey for a Planning Application

Local planning authorities will often ask for a protected species report for a planning application. The type of development involved will determine the type of protected species survey and report required. Udall-Martin Associates is a specialist ecological consultancy with over 15 years’ experience in carrying out protected species… Read More »

  • Planning Applications:

    Udall-Martin Associates Ecological Consultants work includes ecological input into the planning process from initial ecological assessments / appraisals and protected species surveys of the proposed development site for the planning application stage through to designing and implementing ecological mitigation and compensation works to satisfy planning conditions.

    Providing expert ecological advice to tight timescales we aim to make the planning procedure in terms of ecology run as smoothly as possible.

  • Ecological Advice

    The presence of protected species on a proposed development site can be a major constraint to a project as some development activities may need to be licensed. To avoid possible costly delays to the development works programme and alterations to design plans we recommend expert advice from a specialist ecological consultant is sought at the earliest opportunity. If an initial ecological assessment / appraisal of the site (comprising a Phase-1 habitat survey or ecological walk-over survey) is carried out at an early stage of the development process (ideally prior to the design) any further protected species surveys and mitigation works required can be carried out at the appropriate time of year and compensation and enhancement measures included in the project design.

    For a guide to the best times to carry out ecological surveys see our Ecological Surveys Timetable.

  • Services

    Udall-Martin Associates Ltd. has the skills and experience to provide a wide range of ecological services. Our portfolio is varied and includes ecological work for education, housing, leisure, mineral working, pipelines, power stations and transport. Our work includes both greenfield and brownfield sites. Examples of our company projects and project experience are included on our Projects page.

    A list of our ecological services is provided below and full details can be found on our Services page.

    Ecological surveys
    Protected species work (Bat survey, great crested newt surveys, reptile surveys)
    Ecological assessment/ appraisal
    Ecological impact assessment
    BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH)
    Mitigation and compensation design and implementation
    Ecological enhancement, restoration and management
    Biodiversity audit and monitoring works
    Ecological clerk of works (ECoW)

  • Recent Work
    • Bat surveys in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, West Midlands and East Midlands.
    • Ecological assessments in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire, Buckinghamshire, Worcestershire and Wales for development projects and private individuals.
    • Ecological assessments and protected species surveys in Gloucestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire including Extended Phase-1 habitat survey and great crested newt survey for flood defence, housing and pipeline works and a development at West Mercia Police Head Quarters.
    • Protected species surveys in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, including badger, bat surveys, great crested newt surveys and reptile surveys for highways, housing and industry projects.
    • EPS mitigation licence for bats for demolition works at Donington Park Racing Circuit in Leicestershire.
    • Ecological enhancement strategy for Newman College in Birmingham.
    • BREEAM Land Use and Ecology assessments for education, fire station and retail developments in Birmingham, Greater Manchester, Leicestershire, Rutland, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire and West Yorkshire.
    • Code for Sustainable Homes Land Use and Ecology assessments in Leicestershire, North Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

  • Ecological Surveys Timetable
    Habitat and Botanical Surveys


    Ecological Surveys Optimal Time Comment
    Phase-1 habitat April – Sept Possible to survey Oct – March but sub-optimal
    Extended Phase-1 habitat April – Sept Possible to survey Oct – March but sub-optimal
    Ecological walk-over April – Sept Possible to survey Oct – March but sub-optimal
    Hedgerow April – June Hedgerow ground flora is more evident at this time
    Possible to survey July – March but sub-optimal
    Botanical (higher p.):GrasslandWoodland May – JulyApril – June Possible to survey (Apr/Aug/Sept) but sub-optimalWoodland ground flora is more evident at this time
    Japanese knotweed Jan – Dec The stems persist over the winter


    Protected Species Surveys
    Ecological Surveys Optimal Time Comment
    Badger Nov – April Possible to survey May – Oct but sub-optimal
    Bats:Scoping / roostingActivity / emergence / dawn Jan – DecMay – Sept Oct – April considered sub-optimalPossible to survey April & Oct but sub-optimal
    Birds:Breeding birdsWintering birds March – JuneNov – Feb Possible to survey in July but sub-optimalCan only be carried out at this time of year
    Great crested newt:Breeding ponds Mid – March to mid – June Can only be carried out at this time of year
    Hazel dormouse April – Nov Can only be carried out at this time of year
    Otter Jan – Dec Can be carried out at any time of year
    Reptiles April, May & Sept Possible to survey in June, July & Aug but sub-optimal
    Water vole March – Oct Possible to survey Nov – Feb but sub-optimal
    White-clawed crayfish July – Oct May and June should be avoided as young are released