Ecological Enhancement, Restoration and Management

ecological enhancement and restoration

It is best practice to seek positive biodiversity benefits through enhancement measures, in particular with regard to Priority Habitats and Species listed on the national and local Biodiversity Action Plans and the Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act 2006. We have the capability and experience in producing ecological enhancement, restoration and management plans for sites, habitats and species.

Planning authorities are now required to actively seek in development proposals, measures that aim to promote appropriate Priority Habitats and Species listed in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan and treat these as ‘material considerations’.

We have an excellent knowledge of British species and habitats, the UK nature conservation and planning system, conservation priorities and wildlife legislation. We can produce bespoke plans to satisfy specific requirements, for example planning conditions including Section 106 Agreements. We believe that plans should be written so that they are easy to use by site managers.