Ecological Impact Assessment

ecological impact assessment

Udall-Martin Associates have the capability to carry out formal (Ecology Chapters in Environmental Impact Assessments, EIA) and informal Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) involving scoping studies, ecological surveys (Phase-1 habitat surveys and further Phase-2 surveys if required) to provide the baseline data and reports following Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM) Guidelines for EcIA. We work to maximise opportunities for protecting and enhancing biodiversity. The EIA process requires an interdisciplinary approach and we provide a professional service collaborating effectively with other EIA professionals to integrate ecological design into scheme layouts.

Our EcIA reports include:

  • Description and evaluation of the existing ecological baseline.
  • Strategic policy review.
  • Assessment and evaluation of the effects/ impacts of the development proposals on the ecology of the site (including key ecological receptors).
  • Provision of mitigation and compensation measures for adverse effects.
  • Provision of enhancement measures.
  • Summary of residual ecological effects/ impacts (i.e. those occurring after mitigation).