Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

Phase 1 habitat surveys

As we finally move into spring, recent projects for Udall-Martin Associates have included numerous Extended Phase-1 habitat surveys nationwide for proposed housing, education, industry and leisure developments, including a development in the Docklands, London.

A Phase-1 habitat survey provides information on habitat types present at a site, and the potential presence of protected species. Phase-1 habitat surveys underpin any ecological assessment of a site and provide an early warning of the potential ecological issues that need to be considered.

Spring is an ideal time to carry out a Phase-1 habitat survey as this will allow time for clients to react to any further Phase-2 surveys recommended which may be time restricted, such as great crested newt surveys, reptile surveys and bat surveys.

Please contact Udall-Martin Associates for all your Phase-1 habitat survey requirements. We cover all areas of the UK, with offices in Worcestershire and Derbyshire.